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Let me start by saying I'm so happy that you've stopped by. I know  your images are important and that's why I am excited to share what I love with you.
It might be good to know that I'm a secret introvert.  Put me in a crowded room and I'm the person who loves to sit back and watch everything happen. That's what makes me great at what I do! It's funny because even though I would say I'm an introvert when I get behind the camera my

 extroverted side comes out. I get crazy energy and I really love connecting with my clients. I know what it's like to be in front of the lens and for me it's all kinds of awkward. That just makes me try harder at making you feel comfortable and having fun in your session! 
I primarily photograph weddings, seniors and a small number of families. Check out my work and say "hi"! I would love to hear from you. 

5Random Facts about me 

1. I LOVE sushi. Tuna steak may be my favorite. If you’re in the Central Minnesota area ask me for my go-to sushi place.
2. When I was a teenager my sister and I played "fashion photographer" with my mom's Kodak camera.  Those were the days when you had to manually advance film.  Wait, what's film?! :)
3. I kill all plants. But I keep trying. I’m sorry to all future plants who end up in my home.
4. I’m currently trying to drink 100oz of water a day. I’ve never visited a bathroom so much!
5. It is likely that during a photography session I will get excited and we'll end the session with a high five.


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More than photography

Photography is more than just a business for me. I believe we all play a role in creating vibrant communities. I have partnered with two projects- one near and far- that empowers women and children to thrive and addresses the needs of the whole person .  

Terebinth Refuge is a Central Minnesota shelter for women who are victims of sex-trafficking and exploitation.  I have come to learn how prevalent this issue is in this local area and believe all women deserve safety.  Zoe is an international project that empowers orphans to become business owners, overcome poverty, and provide for their families in poverty stricken areas. You and I can lift others up knowing that a portion of each package will be donated to these organizations. I encourage you to visit the links below and learn how you can get involved.  


Terebinth Refuge