Distinct. Real. Inspired.

Hiya!  Thanks for stopping by!  Why am I a photographer?  It's quite simple.  I.love.photography.  Boom! I love being creative and making magic happen.  And, as a client, you're important to me.  I want you to have fun and feel comfortable. 

I specialize in wedding and senior portrait photography.  With both my goal is to tell your story. The story of your wedding day is one of the most important you will ever tell.  You can trust that my experience photographing weddings since 2002 and seeing hundreds of couples marry will provide you with a quality experience. I can do everything from playing amature meterologist to fixing minor clothing stains.  Oh yeah, I photograph too! ;) Telling your story means that I'm yours for the day (up to 10 hours)!  


Senior photography stories should reflect who that senior is in personality along with activities that are important to them.  It's my goal that their portraits reflect their stories as they end this chapter and step out into the next big adventure waiting for them!


If I don't have the camera in my hand I'm busy traveling around Minnesota, trying different restaurants, being a mom to Zach, Izzy, Tessa and Reyna, working out and generally learning how to be the best version of myself. I sing (only when I'm alone), drink waaaay to much coffee, am obsessed with chocolate (and sometimes wine!) and pretty much listen to music all day. Mumford and Sons anyone?

I could tell you what photography means to me but I'd rather show you. :)


p.s.- I love photography because its about you, your personality, your style. That's my goal- to capture you as you are right at this very moment. Don't forget to check out my latest work on Facebook @cindykphotography!