Distinct. Real. Inspired.

Hiya!  Thanks for stopping by! I know I could write something dramatic and profound about photography and its meaning.  Maybe something about photography stopping time.  Maybe something about the power capturing a moment has on each of us.  In reality, it's quite simple.  I.love.photography.  Boom! I love being creative and making magic happen.  And, as a client, you're important to me.  I want you to have a good time and feel comfortable. 

If I don't have the camera in my hand I'm busy planning my next adventure no matter how big or small, being a mom to Zach, Izzy, Tessa and Reyna, working out and generally learning how to be the best version of myself. I sing (only when I'm alone), drink waaaay to much coffee, am obsessed with chocolate (and sometimes wine!) and pretty much listen to music all day. Mumford and Sons anyone?

I could tell you what photography means to me but I'd rather show you. :)


p.s.- I love photography because its about you, your personality, your style. That's my goal- to capture you as you are right at this very moment. Yay!