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Hiya!  Thanks for stopping by!  Why am I a photographer?  It's quite simple.  It's that simple! I love creating behind the camera.  I get all sorts of crazy energy and the undiscovered extrovert in me comes alive!  I know what it's like to be in front of the lens and it's all kinds of awkward.  That just makes me try harder at making you feel comfortable and have fun when it's you in front of my lens!

I specialize in telling your story through wedding and senior portrait photography.  The story of your wedding day is one of the most important you will ever tell.  Since I've been shooting weddings since 2002 and have literally seen hundreds of couples tie the knot. You can set your mind at ease knowing that you have an enthusiastic and experienced photographer.  I do everything from playing amature meterologist to fixing minor clothing stains.  Oh yeah, I photograph too! ;) Telling your story means that I'm yours for the day (up to 10 hours)!  


Senior photography stories should reflect your personality along with activities that are important to you.  Your photos can be simple or we can go all in and get creative (I will ride in the back of your boat if waterskiing is your thing)!  It's my goal that your senior portraits reflect your stories as you end this chapter and step out into the next big adventure waiting for you!

Get to Know Me in 5 Questions

What is my favorite food? It's hard for me to have favorites but I could live off of sushi, salmon and sauteed veggies!

What is the last book I finished? 1984 (have to catch up on the classics)

What am I doing if I'm not photographing?  I'm either lifting weights or being a mom

Favorite place in MN?  This I do have a favorite....Grand Marais (hands down!)

What is my ideal day? Any day I feel completely content and joyful.  With coffee.  And wine.  And chocolate. :)

I could tell you what photography means to me but I'd rather show you. :)


p.s.- I love photography because its about you, your personality, your style. That's my goal- to capture you as you are right at this very moment. Don't forget to check out my latest work on Facebook @cindykphotography!